Alan’s Market Mahi-Mahi

Mahi-Mahi, such a strange name for a fish wouldn’t you say?

But, it is not the only name it goes by. Some call the Mahi-Mahi “Dolphin”, not because it looks like a dolphin, but by it’s early scientific classification in the genus dolfyn. Another name would be just “Mahi” which is Hawaiian and means strong. In parts of the Pacific Ocean it is also called the “Dorado” which is Spanish for gold. And in Malta it has been referred to as the “Lampuka.”

Alan’s Market Fresh Wild Caught Dorado

Mahi-Mahi caught in the wild

Method of Catch: Wild Caught

Origin: Ecuador

Taste: Mildly sweet tasting fish with more fishy flavor than white fish like cod

Texture: Firm lean white fillets with large moist flakes

A powerhouse of healthy protein

Health experts agree that the benefits of fish as a protein source rise above and Mahi-Mahi is definitely a powerhouse of healthy protein. This fish is an excellent source of several vitamins, amino acids, and fish oil. Combined, Mahi-Mahi is a delicious serving of protein that helps the body reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, fight inflammation, and maintain healthy functions.

Lean Protein: 

A mere six ounces provides 31.5 grams of protein and just 1.2 grams of fat. That makes it very lean, but still chock full of essential amino acids and enzymes.

Vitamin B: 

Excellent source of vitamins B-3, B-5, B-6 and B-12. B-3 helps in heart health by controlling cholesterol levels. It also maintains healthy skin, supports brain function and can prevent joint problems like arthritis.


This special mineral lowers blood pressure, which combats heart disease. It also supports heart and muscle function.


This nutrient is a powerful antioxidant. Selenium not only supports healthy heart function, but it helps fight inflammation and boosts immune function. A serving of this fish boasts 62 micrograms, more than 100% of your recommended daily amount.

Omega-3 fatty acids: 

This lipid is something we could all use more of. It’s a healthy fat that benefits the heart instead of harming it, and also cuts down on inflammation.


And what about the mercury level?, Mahi-Mahi is low in mercury! Making it safe for pregnant women and small children to eat in moderation.

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