Alan’s Market’s Asian Products

Other than Seafood we also carry a wide variety of Asian food products. From Fresh Fish to spices, sauces and everything in between. When you’re in the mood for something Asian, we’ve got you covered thanks to these amazing brands:

Want to “wow” your guests without pouring a sweat? Our Heat and Serve selection of Asian Products will take care of the work for you!

Just because you don’t have time to cook an elaborate meal doesn’t mean you cant have one.

Heat & Serve options:

Want something even faster? No need for cooking! Just open and serve. These options are perfect alone or as a side.

Ready to Serve options:

Take on sushi making! Make your night memorable and learn how to make sushi. It’s actually much easier than you might think, especially when we have everything you need to perfectly custom your sushi roll! Get creative in the kitchen… below you will find everything you’ll need and more! Yyyuuum!

Kit includes:

  • Nori, Wasabi, Pickled Ginger, Rice Vinegar, Dark Soy Sauce, Sushi Vinegar, Rice, Bamboo Rolling Mat, Bamboo Paddle, Cookbook

This kit has everything you need to make sushi, except the protein and the sauces. But don’t worry, this just means you can get creative! Making the sushi is not the hard part, deciding what sushi you are going to make is the tough decision.

With what will you fill your sushi with? Tuna, eel, shrimp, crab… so many options to choose from!

Sushi Protein:


Shop like a Chef, be a Chef! We have everything you need to be an Asian cuisine chef in your kitchen. We have the secret ingredient, SAUCE! We have the “secret ingredient” sauce everyone will be talking about! From Teriyaki to Stir Fry, from Orange to Sesame Chicken, here at Alan’s Market you’ll find it all!

Our favorite Sauces:


Don’t forget the Sake! Enhance your Asian culinary experience at home with a glass of Sake.

Sake is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting rice that has been polished to remove the bran. Despite believes that Sake is a Japanese rice wine, Sake is an East Asian rice wine, not just from Japan. It is produced by a brewing process similar than that of beer, where starch is converted into sugar which later ferments into alcohol, whereas the alcohol in wine is produced by fermenting sugar that is naturally present in fruit, typically in grapes.


These are a few of many Asian products and options we have here at Alan’s Market. Explore our Online Store in the Asian Product Tab to see all our Asian Products and make your meal a memorable one!

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